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Choosing an Aircraft Contract Fuel Program

For business aircraft machinists, among the most effective step they can take to minimize operating costs especially when traveling worldwide is to utilize the services of fuel suppliers. Contract fuel programs provide noteworthy financial savings, ease fuel credit problems, and ascertain higher levels of service around the globe. There are many companies offering aircraft fueling services, but they are not equal. Each company has unique weaknesses and strengths. Due diligence is needed to choose the best. Here is what you need to know before you choose a contract fuel program with any company. By reading, you will be better placed in making a learned decision.

What types of aircraft contract fuel programs are there? There is a variety of dissimilar contract fuel programs in the market to general aviation. A number are dedicated to certain regions, for example, the US or Africa. Still, some contract fuel programs are dedicated to serving certain kinds of operators, for example, private non-revenue operations.

How different is a contract fuel program different from a fuel management provider or a reseller. A fuel reseller refers to a company that resells fuel that has been bought from another seller but the reseller might as well be a contract fuel provider. Fuel management companies use the accounts of the operator with diverse contract fuel programs and resellers to shop for the fairest priced fuel. Con the other hand, contract fuel programs have direct agreements with oil suppliers and oil companies to offer a broad variety of jet fuel accessibility for operators. Resellers and contract fuel programs can leverage purchasing power to offer friendly fuel rates at all airports throughout the world.

What are the benefits of using an aircraft contract fuel program? With contract fuel programs, operators can get the least costly jet fuel from different supplier-branded locations and diverse fuel providers. The next benefit is that when planning fuel uplifts, venture aircraft mechanisms don’t require to contact many fuel providers and don’t have to maintain many credit lines with different fuel providers and oil companies. Contract fuel providers plan fuel credit throughout the world either with aviation fuel cards, usually received on sight, or fuel discharges when needed. A number of contract fuel programs help mechanisms in reclaiming or exempting VAY and excise obligations on fuel. Also, they may provide noteworthy volume discounts for huger aircraft mechanisms. Moreover, these programs provide expert knowledge on many airports worldwide regarding fuel, service, and credit availability.

Are there fuel volumes one is needed to meet? Based on the location, a number of fuelers need a particular number of liters or gallons to be ordered to be eligible for a contract fuel rate. In other instances, you may have to uplift a particular volume to be excepted from ramp charges. At other locations, one may be required to pay a price that is higher is they are not operating a huge aircraft. You need to check with a potential contract fuel provider to know volume uplift obligations at different airport locations.

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