Home Exterior Remodeling: A Safe Option During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues, with a potential vaccine or effective treatment still on the drawing board. Homeowners still want to have certain projects done that they were planning before the health crisis arrived. They may feel safer only scheduling the exterior work for now and waiting on any interior projects to be completed by contractors. Homeowners will want to learn whether they should take any additional steps to stay safe while having workers on the property. Essential businesses like the one shown at https://www.erieconstruction.com/ have stayed open during the early months of the pandemic and continue to provide service.

Open Air and Video Chats

Fortunately, it’s much easier for everyone to stay safe outside in the open air. Crowding together for relatively lengthy time frames in enclosed spaces is the biggest risk. Contractors are generally limiting in-person appointments with clients. Meeting in video chats or outside are ideal solutions when verbal consultations are needed. Not all home improvement showrooms are open, and those that are not generally have plenty of images and information on the website.

Obtaining Estimates

Many U.S. residents are concerned about the economy and are hesitant to schedule costly remodeling projects at this time. They worry that they might be laid off or that the business they work for might close. Even if property owners are not sure they want to move forward with any projects right now, it’s still a smart idea to contact contractors for estimates. Many of these workers become very busy during warmer weather, and it can take a while to get onto the schedule.

Types of Projects

This can be an ideal time to have exterior remodeling work like replacement of siding and roofing done. Window replacement can be completed too. At the worksite, contractors and their employees are expected to maintain social distancing from the customers and visitors to the household. They may not practice social distancing with each other, especially now that official restrictions have been relaxed. This does not cause any safety issues for the household residents and others who come over. Workers who do not feel well are instructed to stay home.

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