Reasons it is a Good Idea to Hire a Catering Company for Your Next Event

The summer months are a great time for backyard parties and family gatherings. Hosting a party is a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Fortunately, it does not have to be if you choose BBQ catering services from Select Catering. Below is a closer look at the many benefits of hiring a food company to assist you with the food preparations for a small or large party you are planning.

Alleviates Stress

Hiring a caterer to prepare and replenish the food as the party goes on is very beneficial. The host will get to mingle with the guests and enjoy themselves, while everything is being taken care of. The caterer will bring enough staff members to ensure everything is done well. Not only will the set up, but they will also stay to clean up and get everything back to normal.

A Variety of Food Items

A professional caterer has experience and knowledge in preparing a various dishes. They work with their clients to provide them with the ultimate menu to fit their theme and budget. Items such as salads, appetizers, a variety of proteins, vegetables, fruits, soups, desserts and sides are available to choose from.

Service Offered

A catering company provides three main service options when it comes to food and your party needs. For example, they can set up a buffet, prepare family-style portions, or they can provide plated service. Setting a buffet is the most affordable option and is ideal for feeding a large crowd.

Family-style is also great, because the food is served in large platters to each table. The guests will pass around the platters and serve themselves, while the waitstaff replenishes any empty platters. Finally, a plated dinner service is usually for more formal events and it is the most expensive option. The waitstaff will bring out the food in courses, while they clear away empty plates in between each course.

Many people enjoy hosting a party or event, but they don’t necessarily love preparing the food and setting up. Fortunately, there are many catering companies to hire. Leave them in charge of the event so that you can enjoy your time.

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