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Reasons Why People Gain Weight
Another name for weight loss is physical fitness.Weight loss is the process of shedding off the body mass. This shedding of mass can be as a result f shedding of fluids and fats from the body. You may shed weight weight because of varying reasons. Some people lose weight intentionally and others unintentionally. involuntarily is when you don’t want to and can be caused by stress or malnutrition among others. voluntary method may involve the individual taking hormones, exercising or dieting.
The weight loss specialists may propose different methods that will help in weight loss,. However, different people reacts differently to the medications. Therefore, the prescriptions may differ. There are different weight problems available and they include the following.
Slow metabolism may lead to weight gain. Select a method that will work well for this method. You may also hit an age where you can find it impossible to shed weight anymore. There is a medication that targets metabolism. The medication may tend to suppress the appetite and at the same time, it may boost the metabolism. Choose phentermine fir medication. If it doesn’t work, you can go for another choice.
You may also have some carbs cravings that may lead to weight gain. There are those people who are not comfortable without taking carbs. You may face weight gain when you take wheat and sugar during the night. This is because you use less energy as you are sleeping during the night while when you are active, that is when you will need the carbs for energy. You can get the advice that will help you stop the habit of taking soft drinks and tea that has sugar all the time. You will minimize the cravings when you take the medication.
When women are on their menstrual cycle, they may end up having more food cravings Some people will crave for chocolate, sweets and carbs among others. It is caused by hormonal imbalance and hence can be stopped using specific medication. The medicine may also eliminate bloating, hair that you don’t want as well as acne.
There are also other people who will gain weight because they are stress eating.You may gain weight through stress eating. This is when you eat too much when you are in distress. Most people will run to the food that may give them comfort. There is a specific medication that will target that and you will end up eating healthy even when you are in a compromising situation. You can also take medicine to control your food portions. There are those people who will overeat when they are hungry. There are those ho will be stress later. This is an eating disorder that has its own medication and hence you will end up eating when you need to. You will therefore be in a position to reduce the portions that you are taking and you will see changes through weight loss.

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