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The Benefits of 5-Inch 8 Hole Hook and Loop Sanding Discs

When it comes to orbital sanders, one of the most widely used would be the hook and loop sanding discs. These kinds of discs in fact have replaced the older adhesive discs which are going to be screwed on the machine. Also, there are various advantages that it is able to offer compared to the older methods.

If you wish to learn more about the beneficial offers of such machines, continue reading more below.

An Advantage on Speed

It is actually a lot faster when it comes to replacing or changing the hook and loop sanding disc on the sander. The thing that you just need to do would be to pull it off when you will need putting on a new one. It is attached with the Velcro to make it easier for removal.

Another thing is that with a dis that’s attracted by a screw, having to change discs can be a very involved procedure. You would have to stop, put down the drill and to also find the screwdriver for it. You would then have to unscrew and also remove the disc you want to be replaced, which needs you to do the procedure all over again which could take several minutes.

With the adhesive disc, things are able to move faster. You would just need to pull off the old disc and then carefully line up the new one and press it down and usually don’t always stick properly. With the hook and loop sanding discs, it only takes several seconds to attach to the disc and also stay really firm when placed. Also, removing it is just a matter of pulling it off.

Truly Reliable

The older kind of sanding discs are usually prone to failures. There’s a good chance that the adhesive is weak on the stick-on sanding disc, which would make it useless. The hook and loop sanding disk is not prone to such failures because there’s something that keeps it secure and when it is properly positioned, it does not move easily.

More Flexible

The hook and loop sanding discs are likewise available on all grits, which actually makes it suitable for every job whether on metal, wood and others more. Also, it is a fully viable alternative compared to the older methods. You would only need to set the disc until you need it next and there’s likewise no danger of adhesive drying or perhaps a center hole ripping.

It is Efficient

You could actually purchase a hook and loop sanding disc with both pressure holes or without it. Either way, it is actually more efficient compared to other styles of sanding discs whatever the grit. Also, the quality varies by brand and there are those that are better than others.

A hook and loop sanding disc however tend to be more expensive compared to other sanding discs. Also, the increased price is a lot more offset through the convenience of its use. Also, these kinds of discs can actually help you in saving more time and avoid wasting more discs. Also, you could buy a lot of them online, which makes it easier and convenient.

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