Learn How The Tiffany Lamp Was Created

Tiffany lamps are some of the better types of lighting that you could ever use in your home because of how unique they are. These lamps are set apart from others because they are considered to be a piece of art in the way that they are fashioned and their ability to illuminate any room they are in.

These peculiar lamps were designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. His goal was to give families all over America with essential art. During his life he lived his life as a painter, collector, interior decorator, traveler, photographer, gardener, and a manufacturer for some of the most fashionable lamps in the world. His resume was long and he had the experience to not only design a work of art – but to place it on something like a lamp.

Louis was the son of Charles Tiffany who founded Tiffany and Co. It was apparent that Louis settled to make his own way in the world by working to follow his passion for artwork rather then entering into the family business. During 1880 he decided to use his eye for art and colors and put it to use for interior design.

It was around this time that he had the thought to utilize broken glass and place it together to make stained glass windows. Thomas Edison was influential in advising that he use this pattern to adorn light fixtures and create a unique look that had never been accomplished.

Over the numerous years he created newer ways to make the stained glass shades and to create new designs for the many tastes of his consumers. Over twenty years he copyrighted four kinds of glass that united with their bases made an exquisite look that people all over the world wished to utilize in their houses.

Though Louis Tiffany is not around to see the success of his creation companies all over the world have managed to repeat the procedure and the design. Companies like Dragonfly Tiffany lamps has revived his best designs and offered people the oppurtunity to continue utilizing them in their homes.

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