Introduce Elements That Will Liven Up The Bathroom

Over recent years the Bathroom has become an integral requirement within any home interior design. This is largely due to ever evolving range of bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories now readily available with bathroom suppliers and manufacturers.

The style of your bathroom is determined heavily through the fixtures and fittings situated throughout the room. This can comprise of a multitude of accessories from corner bathtubs and shower enclosures to the latest technical advancements such as the steam shower and whirlpool bath. If you are searching for items to enhance your bathroom interior or simply redecorate your room there are many elements worth considering. First of all consider (or ask the dealer) whether a given fixture or collection is modern or traditional. Modern fixtures are often very angular or ultra-streamlined and fit well with modern, high-tech and minimalist environments. Traditional fixtures often have more embellishment that reflects classic styling.

They go better with country, antique, colonial and similar environments. Notice the embellishments: Modern pieces might have a geometric or swirl design; traditional pieces might have fluting or floral designs. Look at the tub. A tub with claw feet or an elongated pedestal base is classic in design, as are most sunken marble or Roman-style tubs. A curvy whirlpool or rectangular tub with a square-tile surround fits better in a more modern environment. Study your sink options.

A streamlined pedestal sink or one that shows off the plumbing below gives a modern, high-tech look. Marble and marble-look sinks (especially those that hint at seashell shapes) are more traditional, as are many vanity-sink combinations and sinks with embellished pedestals. Check out the shower doors. They can be plain glass; frosted or beaded; or stained glass made in Arts and Crafts, Victorian, or another style. Take stock of toilets. Wall-mounted and low-profile commodes fit well in modern interiors.

Taller and antique-style models, with oak seats and tanks that mount high on the wall, give a traditional look. Go with plain styles and neutral colours if you like to switch your decor frequently or have eclectic tastes. A good combination: a basic porcelain-over-cast-iron bathtub, a porcelain toilet and a porcelain or cast-marble sink. Choose faucets and a showerhead that complement the fixtures.

Porcelain-brass combos are typically traditional, while gooseneck and waterfall faucets look modern. Basic faucets – even chrome-brass combinations – work nicely in neutral bathroom schemes. Remember that bathroom colours can date quickly and then often create a dull atmosphere. Many people prefer to stay simple and go with white, whether their style is traditional or modern. It’s a safe choice for every decor.

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