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Information about Eczema and Psoriasis Creams

There is a great similarity between Eczema and Psoriasis in that they are conditions that make the skin become itchy and dry. When one itches for a long time, the skin becomes inflamed making it turn red and swollen. The skin later cracks. Even though these skin conditions are more common in little children, it may disappear only to return when one becomes an adult. One thing that you should understand is that these two skin conditions are caused by different things. Eczema can be caused by things such as cosmetics, detergents, chemicals and perfumes. On the other hand, Psoriasis is caused by something totally different since it is found in genes which makes it a genetic condition.

Even though no one knows the exact treatment for the two diseases, there are many things that are used to work on the symptoms so that the effects are reduced. It is important for you to know that even with the fact that eczema spreads quickly, doctors to not consider it to be a serious condition. Also, it is a good thing for you to be aware that Psoriasis condition can become serious and affect the joints in a serious manner, just like arthritis does. In case the part of the body that has been affected by Psoriasis is not big, treatment can be done using Psoriasis creams which are available in the market. When you buy any of the creams, you should apply it on the area that has been affected.

There are also the topical steroids which are recommended by most doctors for treatment of inflammation and itching caused by psoriasis. The topical steroids also help in reduction of the dead skin that may build up on the skin. You can find topical steroids in form of lotions, gels, ointments or creams and select the most suitable one for you. One thing that you need to factor is that steroid creams should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor because they can cause some side effects. During the time when one is treating eczema, they should soak the area that has been affected in warm water for a few minutes so that the skin can get some hydration. The skin should then be dried using a soft cloth by patting the area. You should never dry the area by rubbing.

After you have totally removed the moisture, you should then apply hydrocortisone cream, tropical steroids or elidel cream. In case the eczema skin condition is not serious, then you should apply topical steroids. You should ensure that you have applied tropical steroids not more than two times each day. The hydrocortisone cream is best used on children but adults can also apply it on skin folds. You should avoid using topical steroids in areas where you have a thin skin and that includes the neck, face and groin. Also, you can use Elidel and Protopic cream to treat eczema. The good thing about these creams is that they do not cause any side effects which is why they are good for children who are more than two years.

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