Create A Modern Bedroom Around A Polka Dot Duvet Cover

When it comes to creating a modern bedroom, simple does not always have to be boring at all. The latest modern designs have to do with geometrical shapes. Triangles, rectangles and circles are amongst the few used today in modern home decor. Not only can geometrical shapes be found on some of the most beautiful artwork, it is also being used in today’s bedding. One of my favorite geometrical shapes is the circle. Polka dot bedding has that geometrical circle look that today’s modern bedrooms have been using. Polka dots first became common on clothing in the late nineteenth century in Britain. Then they where commonly seen on childrens clothing, toys, and furniture. Now they enhance any room in the home.

The first step in creating a modern bedroom is cleaning up as much clutter as possible. A modern home needs lots of open space. Clutter thrown around the room does not help at all. Plus, every home should be cluttered free. No matter the look you are going for. It is a known fact that clutter causes stress and stress leads to sleep disorders. Our bedroom is our sanctuary and it should not cause us any discomfort at all. Storage containers is a great way to put away any clutter that may be laying around the house and it can also keep closets clean and organized. Next, remove carpeting from the floor and replace them with hardwood flooring. If you cannot afford hardwood floors then try using laminate flooring. Laminate floors offer realistic designs and can replicate the characteristics of the popular hand scraped hardwood floors for less.

When choosing which type of bedding to purchase, duvet covers is always the best choice. They are very convenient and functional. When creating a modern bedroom, large pieces should always be the main focus. We will use the bed as the main focus of the room. Walls should stay as neutral and natural as possible. Coloring one single wall a slight darker shade will add personality and style to the bedroom. The accent color should be one that is on the polka dot duvet cover. Do not choose a color that already stands out of the duvet cover. Choose a color that is barely noticeable. That color will automatically stand our once the accent wall is created. Place a single artwork on the accent wall. The artwork should be simple. Place a light over the art. Window coverings should be light in color and airy. Light is very important. And there you have it, a modern bedroom that is not boring at all.

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