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A Guide for Choosing an Animal Handler for a Film

The film industry has grown significantly over the past few years. The use of animals in movies is a common practice that started several years ago. Animal actors usually make films interesting, and movie directors try and find the best animals to form part of the cast list. However, training and handling an animal during a movie production is not usually a simple task. It is not easy to get an animal to perform an action as they are different from humans. The most suitable approach to keeping an animal in line when producing a movie is working with an animal handler. Today, there are numerous animal handlers that you can contact to get an animal actor for your business, thus eliminating the need for training, which can take several weeks.

Most importantly, you should establish the capability of an animal handler to train an animal to perfect a particular behavior for roles in a film. Getting an animal to perform an action is not usually a simple task and can only be completed after extensive training. The level of intelligence is not usually the same in all animals. There are animals that are smarter, and getting them to perfect a specific action for a movie role will not be a difficult task. Some of the common movie animals include cats, dogs, horses, and parrots, among others.

Hiring an animal handler means that the animal actor will not be your responsibility. As the director, you will be left to worry about the cast. Therefore, when looking for a suitable animal trainer or handler, you should ensure that he or she provides food and water for the animals. Also, shooting a movie with an animal might not be easy since controlling their movement is usually difficult. Moreover, there are animals that are fierce, which should be caged all the time to avoid any harm to humans. The animal handler should employ all the safety measures to ensure that no human actor is injured by an animal actor.

There are several agencies that have been established that offer quality training to animals so that they can feature in movies. However, not all agencies can be trusted to provide an animal that is healthy and fit to perform certain actions. One way to ascertain that the animals are in good health and suitable to feature in a movie is by checking the health records. The animals should be in good health and mental condition. This way, getting them to perform a particular action will not be a difficult task.

The production of a movie is usually guided by a budget. Human actors usually have a contract with the directors regarding salaries and financial benefits. Just like human actors, animal actors should be appreciated for their role in the movie by paying the handlers. The money can be used to give the animals’ quality healthcare and food. Research well to find an animal handler that suits your movie production budget. Therefore, when looking for a suitable animal handler or trainer for a film, you should use this guide to make the right decision.

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