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All You Need to Know about Tactical Augmented Reality

With the advancement in technology, there are a lot of new things that have been introduced in the world we live in today. Most of the things that have been introduced as a result of advancement in technology have made the world a better place by improving the way things are done and making them much easier and efficient. One of the latest pieces of technology that has come along with the various advancements in the particular field is augmented reality. Before we go any deep, you need to understand more about what augmented reality refers to for you to know the benefits and the applications that it has in the world we live in today. The term augmented reality is used to refer to an interactive experience of a real world environment where the objects that are in the real world are enhanced. The enhancement of the real world objects in augmented reality is done using computer generated perceptual information. In most cases, augmented reality cuts across multiple sensory modalities such as visual, auditory and haptic modalities. With augmented reality, there are plenty of sectors that have benefited in the modern world we live in today.

One of the sectors that have benefited a lot from augmented reality is the armed forces. Some of the most advanced armed forces in the world we live in today utilize tactical augmented reality in their activities. The term tactical augmented reality is one of the latest technologies in the armed forces that is used to network soldiers together when they are on a mission. The main role of the tactical augmented reality is to offer the soldiers situational awareness on the battlefield. With the use of tactical augmented reality, soldiers are able to know where they are, where the friendlies are and also know where their adversaries are. Apart from the basic benefits mentioned above, there are many more roles that tactical augmented reality plays in the armed forces today.

The tactical augmented reality systems have revolutionized the army’s way of doing things by bringing along a lot of benefits. Tactical augmented reality systems are mounted on the helmets the way the goggles are. You can be able to use the tactical augmented reality systems during both the day and night. The main benefit that comes along with using tactical augmented reality is a reduced number of handheld equipment that a single soldier has to carry around when on the battlefield. Basically, the tactical augmented reality replaces the handheld GPS device that a soldier has to carry for them to know where they are at a particular time.

For that reason, it can help a soldier stay more focused since it helps eliminate the need to look down when they need to find out where they are. Apart from reducing the number of devices that a single soldier has to carry while on the battlefield, tactical augmented reality systems can help in protecting the soldier’s life. With the tactical augmented reality system mounted on the soldier’s helmet, they can look around a corner or over a wall without risking a headshot.

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