The Sevendust Street Team

The ultimate goal of the street team is to inform established fans and potential fans about Sevendust.
How do we do this? Well, there are three ways to do this.

1) Electronically establishing the fan base by posting banners, posting verbal notes on message boards, and just emailing your friends about Sevendust.

2) Taking physical product (stickers, CD’s, etc) to non-music establishments (head shops, tattoo parlors, schools, etc).

3) Passing out materials at concerts and local independent music establishments.

Rewards: How will this benefit the individual street team member?
(Pending approval from management)

1) Exclusive download tracks from future recordings and maybe some old b-sides, when available.

2) A pair of concert tickets to the show in your market to help promote the band at that concert.

3) An opportunity to meet and hang out with the band.Accountability means everything; you do your work, you show me you did your work, you will be rewarded.