Alpha, the new album from Sevendust due out March 6, 2007, marks the bands sixth studio album and a return to its origins for the band members and their legions of followers. Sevendust found themselves right where it all started in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Crammed into the same rehearsal-writing room at RTM which spawned their ground breaking 1997 self titled debut containing classics like “Black,” and “Bitch.” There in the humble beginnings and stomping grounds where it all began, they brewed up twelve woven tracks blending in a new innovative crunch with that infamous, ferocious throat. Gone are the acoustic guitars and overt electronic inflection ALPHA COUNTDOWN
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Sevendust will be the featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show Rockline with host Bob Coburn Monday night February 26, 2007 at 11:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM PT.  For a station near you, and information regarding how to log onto the web site for the broadcast, click here

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Sevendust needs your help choosing the set list for the ALPHA tour. Please submit your set list suggestions by clicking here

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SEVENDUST'S new album, ALPHA, is in stores March 6th. The first 250 SEVENDUST fans for each concert date can pre-order the album for 9.99 (plus applicable fees) online through Ticketmaster and can receive an invite to meet SEVENDUST at the show.  Additional details can be found by clicking here

st everyone has a limit and must deal with too much on their plate. Ultimately they run the risk of hurting internally.”

Sevendust attack their issues head on with Alpha, exposing themselves to the masses for the world to see and judge. A quote from “Clueless” describes their agonizing ride without reward; “The trains arrive’n with the goodies I’m entitled to. All this time I never got what I deserved… Why Me?” Tracks like “Story of Your Life” deal with mental conflict within, rejection and a temporary release. On “Driven,” Sevendust sing “I’m driven to keep myself alive” this lyric takes on special meaning in the context of the track “Confessions of Hatred” while they contemplate action as a release to the inevitable query in question. “Under,” the least aggressive song of the twelve is powerful both musically and lyrically. It’s the one piece of poetry, the one moment in the story that neither deals with the torment within the mind, nor the aggravated decision to take action. The pace quickens to the soon to be Sevendust classic, “Beg to Differ” only to lead to the manic depressive state depicted in the entanglement of a pure emotion found in tracks, “Aggression” and “Burn.” The album closes with unadulterated brutality and chaotic exit of its twelfth and final composition, “Alpha.”

Responsible in part for the reemergence of the “heavy” movement in the mid to late nineties, while amassing in their own right over four million records sold, Sevendust has gone back to the source, its origins but perfected it now on their ten year anniversary. Raising the bar of ferocity, redefines the term power, while delving into the frantic mind, and places on display for the world to see their palate of songmanship bred of wonton aggression with a dash of soaring lyric all within an offering that bleeds pure… Sevendust.

Sevendust and their wholly owned record label, 7Bros. Records, announced on December 6, 2006, a partnership with Asylum Records, part of Warner Music Group and  Warner-Electra-Atlantic (WEA) distribution.

The Alpha packaging contains a keepsake DVD content containing both live and studio footage, discussions of the conceptual nature of the album, the changes in their material direction, as well as the recording process itself and the co-producer team of Shawn Grove, John Connolly and Morgan Rose; the new partner Warner Music Group, and the resilience needed to endure, and the will to destroy everything...
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