The Sevendust Fan Club News Letter

To all of our AOL Fan club members:

We recently sent out our latest fan club letter to over 66,000 people. It was a huge success. The fan club is getting larger everyday and Sevendust really appreciates how loyal their fans are.

However during our last mail we ran into problems with a number of our AOL users. For one reason or another, a number of AOL members marked the Sevendust news letter as spam. AOL has started an anti-spam policy and they have taken it to an extreme. Out of 66,768 emails, 15 AOL users marked us as spam. This caused us a major problem. We were almost black listed. That would mean that ALL AOL user would no longer get the fan club news letter.

We have made some changes on the mail server in an attempt to comply with the new demands from AOL. We would prefer that all AOL users start using either a hotmail or a yahoo mail account. This would be the easiest for all of us. If you choose to still use your AOL account we request that you be careful about hitting the spam button on your email program.

The truth of the matter is that even if a couple of AOL users list us as spam again, we will be black listed at AOL. This will mean that no AOL users will be allowed to receive any more of our news letters. Our list as of March 17th 2005 includes 14,181 AOL users, It's hard to believe but a total of 15 people complained that our news letter was spam. That's all it took. Those 15 people all most stopped the rest of you AOL users from receiving the Sevendust news letter.

We have also added an Unsubscribe tool for our mailing list. From now on, each news letter will have a link at the bottom of the email. If you no longer wish to receive the news letter just click the link and it will remove you from the list.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Remember it's not Sevendust, but AOL that has caused this problem. We encourage you to start using hotmail or yahoo mail. If you choose to still use your AOL account, We also ask you to think twice before you hit that spam button!.Many thanks and welcome to the Sevendust Fan Club.

Sevendust Web Master


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